SABBATH, december 19, 2020

Order of Service


"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" – arr. Jason W. Krug

FLC Beginning Bells

"On This Day, Earth, Earth Shall Ring" – Phil Lehenbauer

Will Benton, Organ (11:20) 

Welcome and Announcements

Julie MacLafferty [Connections Pastor]

Call to Worship

"O Come, All Ye Faithful" – arr. David Wilcocks

Sounds of Brass

Bells of the Forest

FLC Worship Choir


Julie MacLafferty [Connections Pastor] with Shelley Veal

Choral Anthem

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" – arr. Harry Simeone

FLC Worship Choir

Dramatic Monologue

"Mary's Monologue"

Audree Santana

Choral Anthem

"Gesu Bambino" – Pietro A. Yon

Mark Becker and Jeremy Morada, Soloists

FLC Worship Choir

Children's Story

Steve Meekma

Songs of Praise

"Realms of Glory" – arr. Matthew Compton

"Fum, Fum, Fum" – arr. Valerie W. Stephenson

Bells of the Forest


The Ngonda Family

Daughter, Enala [Lozi]

Son, Lubasi, II [Nyanja]

Mother, Linda [English]


"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" – Ed Hogan

Sounds of Brass


"The Savior Is Born"

Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]

Song of Response

"Go, Tell It on the Mountain" – Barry Gott

Sounds of Brass

Call to Giving

Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]


Julie MacLafferty [Connections Pastor] and Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor] (8:45)

Benediction and Sending

Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]


"A Joyous Christmas" - John Leavitt

Will Benton, Organ (11:20) 

If you would like to be involved in our worship services, please contact Jeremy Morada.


Membership Transfers

Incoming,1st Reading: Paul & Myrna Miller from Orlando Central SDA – FL;

Renneta Reynolds from Mt. Sinai (Orlando) SDA – FL

Outgoing, 2nd Reading: Gustavo & Mirtha Alvarez to Collegedale SDA – TN;

Bernard Champagne to Whole Life SDA Church – Orlando, FL;

David S. Fuentes to Orlando Filipino SDA – Altamonte Springs, FL;

Linda Foster Gilliam to Tullahoma SDA – TN;

Gary & Pamela Hile to Apopka SDA – FL;

Morgan Huffman Morrison to Hauula SDA – HI;

Isaac & Suzanne Sendros to Campion SDA – Loveland, CO;

Mark & Beverly Sorensen to Hanover SDA – PA

Prayer Requests

Doris Beane

Pat Curren

Joyce Van Cleave (mother of Angie Armenteros)

The Staff at Forest Lake Church is always praying for you, but if there are specific prayer requests you would like mentioned during our worship services, please contact the church office at (407) 869-0680.

Drive-Thru Farewell for Pastor Geoff and family

Sabbath, January 2, 2021, 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars!



Pick up a free, postage-paid postcard or two to mail to someone in our church family this holiday season!  Think of someone you haven't seen for a while or who could use a hug!  The postcards will be in the lobby after the service today and in the office this week if you would like to come by and pick some up!

Prison Ministry – Write Letters of Encouragement

Prison Ministry is needing more volunteers to write letters of encouragement to inmates in the Florida Jail and Prison System.  Check out the website and select Training; then select Pen-Pal Training Manual and you can review the guidelines.  Please give this need prayerful consideration, and if you have more questions, contact Eileen Krause at, or phone 407.342.3708.

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