SABBATH, february 20, 2021

Order of Service


"Largo in G" - G. F. Handel

Will Benton, Organ (11:30)


Sonia Perez [Pastor for Grades 5-8]


Cheyenne Izidor (8:45)

Cassandra Vincent (11:30)

Introducing the Hearts

Sierra Dean

Opening Prayer

Cassandra Vincent (8:45)

Cheyenne Izidor (11:30)


"10,000 Reasons"

"O Come to the Altar"

"What a Beautiful Name"

Sarah Chobotar and Ella Emde (Ukelele)

Lucas Lopez (Drums)

Ethan Clarke and Keyla Butler (Electric)

Joel Rivera (Bass)

Nadia Cortes (Piano)

Polina Sorokoumova (Keyboard)

Vocals: Emma Cortes Keyla Castro, Kale'A Liciaga, Polina Zotova

Scene 1

Nadia Cortez

Peter Terikov

Sermonette 1A

Polina Sorokoumova

Maggie Dehlinger

Scene 2

Emma  Cortes

Ethan Clarke

Sermonette 1B

Polina Sorokoumova

Maggie Dehlinger

Scene 3

Zoey Dallas

Sarah Chobotar

Sermonette 2

Joel Rivera

Scene 4

Jessica Gray

Jeremy Morada

Call to Giving

Ella Emde


Sonia Perez [Pastor for Grades 5-8]

Benediction & Sending

Sonia Perez [Pastor for Grades 5-8]


"Postlude" - William Mathias

Will Benton, Organ (11:30) 

If you would like to be involved in our worship services, please contact Jeremy Morada.


Greeters Needed

"There is no "I" in team," but there is in "family."  Join our team of greeting hosts as we safely welcome, check and seat those who come to worship each week.  It's a great way to know your church family better and help build a more solid and connected community.  

Contact Daniel at

Commit to Community!

Take an intentional step in 2021 to commit to community and pursue Jesus together!  Our spring LifeGroups and support groups are just getting started; it's not too late to sign up! We have support groups tackling issues like anxiety, grief, and divorce, a men's group, women's groups, and other study groups.  Find a group for you by visiting and clicking on the "Connect" tab.  

Gift & Thrift

Helping People

Miracles still happen.  Some are dramatic, some are small, but they are still miracles.  Wynn Smith and Vince Boelter picked up some furniture in Winter Garden for a family that was moving.  The owner was very pleased that they would provide pickup service and wanted to pay them—however, they explained that there is no payment needed for their services.  He insisted on at least giving them $20, which was accepted as a donation.  Wynn put the bill in his pocket.  After unloading the furniture and doing some other things, he went to take the $20 out of his pocket and it was missing.  They looked for it, but decided it must have fallen out of the pocket.  Wynn prayed that if he was supposed to have the $20 that it would be delivered to him and dismissed it from his mind.  The next day, someone going in and out of the shed came to him and said, "This must be yours," and gave him the $20 bill.  Immediately Wynn said, "This is an answer to prayer.  I prayed that if we were to have it, it would be delivered to me."  This is a small miracle, but nevertheless, it is a reassurance that God hears even our smallest prayers.

Thank you for your support of donations and shopping.  Volunteers are still needed and hours are flexible.

Contact Wynn Smith at 407.668.5351

Membership Transfers

Incoming, 1st Reading: Ramses Capote and wife, Tatiana Blanco-Casanova; Milca Duany and children, Emilee & Elienis, 

from Sheeler Oaks Spanish SDA – Apopka, FL;

Myrtha Desronvil from Guilgal French SDA – Orlando, FL;

Orlando & Monica Lopez and sons, Orlando, Jr. & Isaac, from Spring Meadows SDA – Sanford, FL;

Kevin Reynolds from Solid Rock SDA – Orlando, FL

Outgoing, 1st Reading: Evamae Feldmann to Atholton SDA – Columbia, MD;

Jennifer Sanchez to Celebration SDA – FL;

Renee Schultz to Whole Life Seventh-day Adventist Church – Orlando, FL

Prayer Requests

The Staff at Forest Lake Church is always praying for you, but if there are specific prayer requests you would like mentioned during our worship services, please contact the church office at (407) 869-0680.

All our friends and family in states affected by this week's weather—especially Texas

Daily Prayer Line: 7:15 every morning and night.  Call 425.436.6321 and enter 763000#

Men's Ministries Prayer Line: First Sunday of each month from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Call 602.580.9825 and enter PIN #3387009

Afternoon Vespers Concert

Invite your friends and neighbors to join musical duo, A Better Covenant, for a vespers concert about God's timeless promises on Sabbath, March 13, at 6:00 p.m., FLC Sanctuary

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