The Forest Lake Church


Order of Service


"Rêverie" - Claude Debussy

Nicole Chwast, Piano (8:45)

"The Trumpets of Heaven" - David Paxton

Will Benton, Organ (11:20) 

Welcome and Announcements

Julie MacLafferty [Connections Pastor]


Julie MacLafferty [Connections Pastor] with Nelson Dean and Noah Reams

Children's Story

Steve Meekma

Hymn of Praise

"What a Friend We Have in Jesus"

Adriel Lopez, Alto Saxophone (8:45 and 11:20)

"On Jordan's Stormy Banks" - Joel Raney

Nicole Chwast, Piano (11:20) 


Jeff Emde

Sermon - "The Failure of Man"

Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]

Song of Response

"So Will I"

Yadelin Lopez, vocal

Carson Mastrapa, guitar

Call to Giving

Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]


Julie MacLafferty [Connections Pastor] and Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]

Benediction and Sending

Geoff Patterson [Senior Pastor]


"On Jordan's Stormy Banks" - Joel Raney

Nicole Chwast, piano (8:45)

"Love Divine" - Joel Raney

Will Benton, organ (11:20)

Music this week is provided by organist, Will Benton and the FLC Music Scholars: Nicole Chwast (piano), Yadelin Lopez (violin), Adriel Lopez (saxophone). 

If you would like to be involved in our worship services, please contact Jeremy Morada.

Prayer Requests

The Staff at Forest Lake Church is always praying for you, but if there are specific prayer requests you would like mentioned during our worship services, please contact the church office at (407) 869-0680.