Warehouse community

Warehouse Community is discovering together the question, "What is Church?" Join us on this journey to create the church God intended to reflect His glory to the world. 

Rhythms of warehouse community

When a routine becomes a habit, it becomes part of the rhythm of your life. Ultimately we want God to be THE Rhythm of  every breathing moment of our life. Sabbath is 1 day of our life so Part of the rhythm of Warehouse Community is our Sabbath Rhythms. 

  • Week 4 Rhythm: Home Church

    This Sabbath rhythm starts on Friday night at 7pm for a Night of Worship. This is a night of blessing and a "sending out" into Saturdays home church. 

    Home Church is where we celebrate our time with God in the space of our home. This may make some of you nervous because you may not know what to do on this day. Be creative, plan ahead, and invite friends or family you have been living the Gospel with. Below is a link of a few ideas you can choose to do or you can create something that fits the personality of your group for home church.