Mission. vision. Values. 

  • MIssion

    Live The Gospel

  • Vision

    We strive to have a passion for God, People and Service in everything that we do.

  • Values

    Our Values are Centered in Discipleship

    1. Worship

    2. Family

    3. Togetherness

    4. Service

    5. Testimony

    Worship as both a private and community experience with God

    • We live in response to God’s calling.

    • We anticipate being challenged and changed by consistently encountering God. 

    • We are compelled to share our lives generously! 

    Purpose:  We desire to create a culture of committed worshipers.

    Spiritually thriving family as a reflection of God’s ultimate purpose

    • We believe every son and daughter has a responsibility to influence the next generation for Jesus.

    • Because we believe family to be the greatest spiritual influence on the next generation, we will invest in the development of spiritually thriving families.

    • The journey of a Christ-centered marriage can be difficult; therefore, we support the influence of Christ in every family.

    Purpose:  We desire to create a culture of family faithfulness.

    Spiritual togetherness as a God-honoring experience with each other

    • We are committed to creating environments that foster trusting relationships.

    • We are intentional about continually removing barriers that separate us.

    • We bring our real lives to church and encourage each other through accountability.

    Purpose:  We desire to create a culture of acceptance, inclusion, personal spirituality, and encouragement that resembles the New Testament church.

    Service to others as an expression of God’s mercy

    • We are committed to be a caring community within and outside of the walls of the church.

    • We are committed to engage our hearts with the hearts of others as we serve. 

    • We are committed to a continual awareness of need and finding relevant ways to respond.

    Purpose:  We desire to create a culture where service is relational.

    Intentionally sharing our testimony as an expression of God's redemptive purpose

    • God invites each of us to receive his Grace and from this experience, we choose to share.

    • We accept that God has chosen us, the body of Christ, to share the story of Jesus with our community by building relationships.

    • We are called to be on God’s mission to share our testimony with everyone, especially with those who do not know Him and His Word.

    Purpose:  We desire to create a culture that demands gospel explanations, giving people Jesus as the answer for our hope.