Julie MacLafferty

Julie grew up in the South (with just a few years in MI and CA) and loves long walks, good food, and slowed-down conversations. She graduated from Southern Adventist University with a BA in Theology and came to Florida after a summer on mission trips in South America. 

Reflecting upon her life thus far, Julie says "the most important part of my story is that Jesus set me free. Walking with Him has led me places I would never have imagined, from conversations to countries and definitely this career! Through my journey with Him so far, He's given me a passion for discipleship, mission, and prayer. I love journeying with people from all walks of life and hearing their story. Our stories are His and are meant to be shared!"

Here at Forest Lake, she works with connecting people to Jesus, each other, and the community primarily through Bible studies, Life Groups, First Impressions and New Members ministries, and prayer ministry.