Premarital counseling

Premarital counseling is offered as a ministry to Forest Lake Church members. There is no fee for this service, but donations to the counseling ministry are appreciated and allow us to continue offering this service. 

Premarital counseling follows the Prepare-Enrich program and covers six sessions with the premarital facilitators. The Prepare-Enrich program uses the information obtained through the assessment questions and answers to provide the areas of strength in the relationship along with the areas where growth is needed.

Prepare-Enrich Facilitators include Debbie and Jorge Pinto, and Pastor Candy DeVore, LMFT. For more information about premarital counseling, click here. 

Debbie and Jorge Pinto

Debbie and Jorge bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that they have collected over the 22 years of married life, and they readily share this as facilitators of the Prepare-Enrich program. They have a strong interest in connecting with the couples they work with and have successfully graduated couples through the Prepare-Enrich program even maintaining friendships after the sessions have ended. They model a steady, faith-based relationship and offer tips on how to build a well-grounded spiritual and emotional relationship with your partner.