Support Groups

Below you will find information on the support groups offered at the Forest Lake Church.  If you are seeking a group to join, please contact us at and share your need. Groups will be added as needs arise.

You may also find more information on other small groups at the Forest Lake Church through the Lifegroups page.

  • GriefShare is a 13-week program offering Christ-centered teaching that focuses on grief topics associated with the death of a loved one. You will find encouragement, comfort and help in grieving the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, other family member, or friend. No matter what the cause of your loved one’s death, this is an opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling. You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of being stuck in grief and that you do not need to live in bondage to certain emotions. You will learn valuable information about facing your new normal in life and renewing your hope for the future. Please register for the program online at 

    Tuesdays 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm starting September 20

    Leader: Janet Lynn King is a retired nursing professor. She enjoys spending time outdoors gardening and being in God’s nature. Completing the program herself, years ago, she is hoping to provide others an opportunity to journey from mourning to JOY.

    E-mail: or for more information.

  • Healing from divorce is not easy. Within the DivorceCare group, people dealing with separation or divorce can find tools, understanding and support to help them cope with their pain and give them hope for the future. It is easy to feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues never encountered before. Our DivorceCare group meets weekly online to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. This 13-week Christ-centered program will give you not only tools to help deal with your separation or divorce, but the support of others who can walk with you as you navigate the new road ahead. 

    Tuesdays 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm via Zoom starting September 6, 2022.

    Leader: Laura Flores

    E-mail or for more information

  • Are you often worried, afraid or angry? Do you struggle to stay focused? Do you have trouble getting or staying asleep? Anxiety is such a common mental health challenge In the U. S. that it has become a part of our daily life. Our support group is a safe place to share experiences and learn some practical coping skills to manage our anxiety. Come join us this week as learn to manage anxiety and stress.

    We will be reconvening in the fall. Please check back for more details. 

    Leader: Jackie Curran is experienced at dealing with anxiety and shares her life-knowledge and expertise in this area.

    E-mail for more information

  • Aegis is defined as “the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization” and that is what we offer. Join our group as we talk about the things that are pressing such as:

    •       What happens when a loved one comes out?
    •       How do we balance the knowledge with the feelings and emotions that are present?
    •       How do we close that gap that can exist?

    Whether you are feeling anger or resentment or grief or pride, it’s good to have the support of others who are going through the same thing or have walked this path before you. Come as you are. All are welcome.

    Leader: Candy DeVore is Counseling Coordinator at the Forest Lake Church. 

    Email for more information.

  • Stability Wellness focuses on restorative body movement while actively worshiping Jesus’ heart, soul, mind, and strength creating a fitness that meets us at our core. Each class participant can expect to experience different positions and postures to strengthen, tone, and improve flexibility and balance all the while gaining a release of anxiety and stress. To maximize the benefits of this class, please bring a mat and a bottle of water. At this time, masks are required for all participants.

    We will be reconvening in the fall. Please check back for more details. 

    Leader: Maria Touchard is a Christian Certified Yoga instructor.  She has completed her 500 master teacher yoga training certification from an accreted Christian yoga school.  She also has certifications in Trauma Informed Yoga and Restorative Yoga. 

    Email for more information.

  • The pressures and demands on a caregiver or having a family member with dementia can be overwhelming and lead to burnout and compassion fatigue. This group provides resources and tools to help you survive and to remind you that you are not alone in this journey. 

    Date and time: 7:00 p.m. the first Monday of every month

    Leader: Vince Boelter works with the Alzheimer's Association. His experience as a group leader and his journey with a family member battling with this disease provide a wealth of knowledge and support for those going through the same experience.

    Email for more information.

  • A DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) support group is a safe, fun place where your children can learn skills that will help them heal. DC4K groups blend, games, music, stories, videos and discussion to help kids process the divorce and move forward. Groups meet weekly and are designed for children ages 5-12.

    We will be reconvening in the fall. Please check back for more details. 

    Email for more information.