Forest Lake Church Music Scholars

Auditions will be on Tuesday evening, August 31, 2021. To sign up, fill out the audition form.  

If you cannot make it on August 31, please contact Pastor Jeremy prior to Aug 31 to set up a different audition time.

Forest Lake Church Music Scholars Audition Form

The Forest Lake Church Music Scholars will:

  1.   Dedicate at least one Sabbath per month (10 month school year) to:
    * providing music at the Forest Lake Church through Praise and Worship and/or providing special music selections. 
    * Classical and Contemporary (ALL) styles are all welcome.
    * Vocal and/or Instrumental (ALL) welcome
    (Schedule TBD and will not conflict with any currently scheduled FLA / family events.).  All instruments will be considered. 
  2. Attend at least two in-person rehearsals at FLC per month (schedule TBD) following safety precautions
  3. Communicate with Pastor Jeremy of any conflicts and/or emergencies causing an absence or tardiness.
  4. Be encouraged to collaborate with the other Music Scholars as well as develop teams (with other friends/students) for leading music in worship. 
  5. Have music learned prior to any rehearsals and church services.
  6. Remain in good standing with the music department at FLA. 
  7. Exemplify Christian attitudes and behavior (including on social media). 
  8. Receive a monthly scholarship, amount based upon demand, quality of audition, grade level, and funds available